Non-Profits Fundraising

Press Release


(April 10, 2022) – When it comes to pets and their wellbeing, what’s needed are novel ideas that strike a chord with people around the world. The Mooka Pet ID and its founders, Osvaldo Rodriguez, CEO, and Chris Greene VP, have done just that with their 50% profit-to-donation model. Any pet organization can use the Mooka PetID tags to raise funds easily while offering a quality Pet ID and protection product to interested buyers.

The founders of Mooka Pet ID tag rethought over how traditional models of product distribution could be altered to create more generous funding for pet shelters, rescue leagues and other pet organizations. The mission of Mooka Pet ID which is “to help pets get reunited with their families as soon as possible and for them to NEVER see the inside of a shelter”. The initial distribution and sales of the Mooka Pet ID tag were thus defined.

Noticing that, every month, animal shelters, animal rescues and pet organizations struggle to raise money, Osvaldo looked into what profits were being generated by sales of Mooka Pet ID and similar products. He found that national retailer’s and pet shops profits on the sale of Pet ID Tags, on average, would be around$10 per tag. Mooka Pet ID was already committing 5% of Tag Sales to National Non-Profit Pet Organizations.

Was there any way that these $10 per tag profits could be converted into a $10 donation per tag? Hence was born the “Mooka Pet ID Virtual Fundraising Platform”. The platform’s appeal also included the fact that for pet organizations, it would cost nothing to participate and implement it into their organization.

The Virtual Fundraising Program will run as follows. Mooka Pet ID will create a unique
affiliate link for EVERY Non-Profit organization that wants to fundraise with the Mooka Pet ID.

Each Non-Profit Shelter or Animal Services Organization will be able to promote and sell Mooka Pet ID tags by posting and sharing their affiliate link on their website’s, at local fundraising events via a QR Code, or by posting to social media pages and including it in email newsletters to their existing audience.

“The traditional $10 retail profit that would normally go to a retailer, can become a $10 donation to a pet organization! As part of the program, each month a $10 donation for each tag sold will be deposited directly into the participating organization’s bank account,” says Osvaldo.

The funding platform offers complete transparency. All donations can be tracked 24/7 in real time via the affiliate dashboard, in addition keeping track of donations being paid out in a timely manner.

For the uninitiated, the Mooka Pet ID is a “New Breed of Pet Protection Technology”.
The ID carries complete information about the pet (breed, sex, age, etc.), and this helps in identifying pets at rescue shelters, With the Mooka ID, a lost pet is no longer anonymous. The Mooka Pet ID also carries the pet owner contact information, veterinarian contact information, rabies tag. and when a pet goes lost, you have the “Lost PetAmber Alert” this will create a lost pet poster that can be shared across social media and added to the “Lost Pet National Database.” Faxed and email within a 15-mile radius to all police departments, fire departments, veterinarians, animal shelters, Petco, PetSmart and to our “Civilian Pet Tracker Team”.